All God's Children

Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the
kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Mark 10:14

Honduras Orphanage Charity

God is working in Honduras

Watch how God is changing the lifes of orphans and all of those involved with All God's Children.

Hogar de Amor

Arvil Smith tells his amazing story of service to the Lord.

Developing the Network

Since 1988, six other ministries to orphaned or abandoned youngsters in Honduras have become a part of the All God’s Children network. These ministries share the same mission: to provide an environment of love and practical care where the eternal trajectory of an orphan’s life is changed, where despair can be replaced with hope.

Each of these seven ministries is briefly introduced under the ministries tab, to give you a glimpse into the amazing work that’s being done in the name of Christ. Please partner with us to continue spreading the hope and love of Jesus to these disadvantaged but precious children.

A woman named Carmen

All God’s Children began in 1988 when a group of youth leaders traveled to Honduras with the intention of finding a service opportunity for their church’s youth group. In an unplanned but providential encounter, they met young Carmen Beteta, a pre-novitiate nun who had recently left the convent in order to care for several orphaned children. She was living in a run-down house, not knowing where the next day’s meals would come from, simply trusting God to help her and to provide for these precious children.

After spending time with her and the children, the youth group leaders passionately committed themselves to partnering with Carmen. In these early years, through donations and volunteers, an orphanage facility was built, a home called “Hogar de Niños, Nazareth.” This began the Honduras orphanage charity we support today.

AGC, Ltd

AGC, Ltd is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising and distributing funds to several different ministries of compassion within the country of Honduras. Governed by a Board of Directors in the U.S., board members and other supporters volunteer their time, talents, and money to AGC. 100% of all designated funds raised go directly to the causes they are specified for.